Lonnie Frisbee

This page contains a collection of links to various items on this blog that are in some way related to the subject of Lonnie Frisbee (1949-1993). For those who don't know, Lonnie was a young evangelist and revivalist who lived in a bygone era. He was sometimes called the "hippie preacher."

Epistles to Lonnie Frisbee

Below are links to my ten fantasticated letters to Lonnie Frisbee, in which I discuss various topics:
Letter #1
The Seraphic Mail Service and Identity Politics.
Letter #2
The Big Split at Calvary Chapel.
Letter #3
Greg Laurie the Southern Baptist.
Letter #4
Revival and Unacceptable Surprises.
Letter #5
The Five Mottoes of Peak Evangelicaldom.
Letter #6
The Five Categories of Prophets.
Letter #7
There's a Bathroom on The Right.
Letter #8
An Interesting and Curious Hodgepodge.
Letter #9
Angelgram From Heaven and Hair.
Letter #10
Set Free at Last.

Not By Might Nor By Power — Book Review

Below are links to the book reviews of Lonnie Frisbee's posthumous autobiography, entitled Not By Might Nor By Power, which was written with the help of Roger Sachs. The autobiography consisted of the following three books:
The Jesus Revolution
Review of 1st book of autobiography.
The Great Commission
Review of 2nd book of autobiography.
Set Free
Review of 3rd book of autobiography.

Mother's Day 1980

Below are links to what I have written regarding the crucial revival service that Lonnie frisbee conducted at John Wimber's church on the evening of May 11th, 1980. This service was a very pivotal event in the history of the Vineyard movement. At the time, John's church was known as Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda.
Part 1
Regarding the two differing accounts of the Mother's Day service.
Part 2
My additional commentary about the Mother's Day service.
Carol's comment
Carol Wimber's take on the service taken from her memoir.


Below are links to other miscellaneous items.
Seven Lights
Seven Lights vision mentioned by Lonnie in a serrmon.
Santa Cruz Sentinel
An obituary that appeared on March 30, 1993, which mentioned little known details about Lonnie's influence in the city of Santa Cruz, California