CM Gazette

This is a collection of links, which I have accumulated, to various websites or web pages that relate to charismatic ministries that I have come across in some way. As I find more links, I will add them here. As much as possible, I try to keep the links up to date. Note that the list I have given here does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of anything on this list.

Ministries Big and Small

MorningStar Europe
Rob & Aliss Creswell

Shekinah Church
Barbara J. Yoder

Ana Werner Ministries
Ana Werner

Breath of the Spirit Ministries
Barbi Breathitt

Christian International
Bill Hamon

Bill Johnson Ministries
Bill Johnson

Prophetic Ministry of Bob Jones & Bonnie Jones
Bob Jones (deceased)

Glory of Zion International Ministries
Chuck Pierce

International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders
C. Peter Wagner (deceased)

Destiny Encounters International
Charlie Shamp

Generals International
Mike & Cindy Jacobs

Clarice Fluitt Ministries
Clarice Fluitt

Apostolic Movement International
Craig & Collete Toach

Dutch Sheets Ministries
Dutch Sheets

Brilliant Perspectives
Graham Cook

God Encounters Ministries
James Goll

Radical Middle Ministry
Bill Jackson (deceased)

One Voice Ministries
Hank & Brenda Kunneman

Jennifer LeClaire Ministries
Jennifer LeClaire

Master Potter Ministries
Jill Austin (deceased)

John & Carol Arnott Ministries
John & Carol Arnott

Streams Ministries
John E. Thomas

Streams Ministries
John Paul Jackson (deceased)

Vineyard USA
John Wimber (deceased)

Katie Souza Ministries
Katie Souza

Kim Clement Center
Kim Clement (deceased)

Kris & Kathy Vallotton Ministries
Kris & Kathy Vallotton

The 7 Mountains
Lance Wallnau

Larry Randolph Ministries
Larry Randolph

Lou Engle

The Line of Fire
Michael Brown

Santa Maria Valley Apostolic Center
Paul Cain

IHOP Kansas City
Mike Bickle

Patricia King Ministries
Patricia King

Perry Stone Ministries
Perry Stone

Apostolic Network of Global Awakening
Randy Clark

MorningStar Ministries
Rick Joyner

Voice of Healing Ministries
Rich Vera

Ryan LeStrange Ministries
Ryan LeStrange

Dr. Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

Bolz Ministries
Shawn Bolz

Anglican Pentecostal
William DeArteaga

Miscellaneous Charismatic Sources
Charisma Magazine
Charisma News
The Pneumonia Review

LRM 1948
Latter Rain Movement 1948

Andrew K. Gabriel
Exploring Theology

Churchwatch Central Watch
Watching the Watchers