Monday, March 04, 2024


This is the ongoing, introductory cover page. Know that this blog is semi-active, so please explore the archive to read the profound or crazy stuff I had written in the past. Once in a blue moon, I add something new. And I promise that you will find no boring stories about my cats, mainly because I have no cats. If you have any questions, be sure to consult the FAQ. If you have any comments, this is the place to make them. I do read the comments. And, yes, the story about Alison Kaylee is fiction.

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Never Before So Much

  1. Never before have so many unhinged people with too much to say had so much access to so much bandwidth.
  2. So much depends on the speed at which one types.
  3. So much depends on that red wagon in the front yard.
  4. So much depends on the World Economic Forum.
  5. Never before was sleep texting a somnambulist malady.
  6. So much depends on the United States not defaulting on its debt.
  7. So much depends on the water heater.
  8. Never before have so many private obessions acquired such cosmic dimensions.
  9. So much depends on the circus.
  10. So much depends on American taxpayers.
  11. Never before has so much bandwidth been given over to TikTok.
  12. So much depends on commentary from David French.
  13. So much depends on the wardrobe not malfunctioning.
  14. Never before has so much depended on urinal cakes.
  15. More than anything we need dependable fog machines.
  16. Those who do not learn from history will simply rewrite it.
  17. Profound silence is sometimes the only righteous response.
  18. Never before has so much depended upon one’s platform.
  19. Where would we be without manatees?
  20. Everything depends on Starbucks.


  1. Favorites: 1,4,9,12 (related to 5 I believe),14,17....

    Absolute favorite is 16.

    Starbucks is rapidly losing it's relevance in Ohio.

  2. Oengus, what do you think about "Jesus Revolution" and Lonnie Frisbee? You might remember me from past discussions we've had, especially about Catholicism and Mark Shea.

  3. Thank you for the book reviews of Lonnie Frisbee's autobiography. As the movie "The Jesus Revolution" and the recent "Asbury Revival" have influenced reporting, I was gradually led here. A minister was invited to travel with John Wimber in the UK and the Lord gave him a word against a control spirit, where leaders would not release their subordinates (if that is a Christian term; partners is). John Wimber approved him giving it, and he said he spoke it quietly and many, many people began to manifest. Lonnie mentioned the word control and you quoted it, maybe in the context of funds being withheld during the South African ministry. When I read, the comment about Lonnie being frail, I thought of the church too frail to help him. God help us to be in His truth. One minister mentioned being translated 7000 miles after hearing a prayer request (and the Lord moving) Couldn't we move across the aisle with a word of faith or a word of wisdom? I say that to stir us up, not discourage us. When I saw the name of your site, I wondered if it was the name of the cave that Lonnie mentioned (shown in first video ) I hope I'm learning and not just writing history :) I had a childhood acquaintance named Lonnie. Have a nice day, John

  4. Thank you for the Frisbee book reviews - I just started the 2nd book, but I'm borrowing them, so I am unable to go back and reread parts of the first! Your reviews are great, and it makes me sad how Chuck Smith's book "Harvest" gives no credit to Lonnie at all, and in the recent interview with Greg Laurie called "The Long Strange Trip of Lonnie Frisbee" dated 10/1/22, he declares that Lonnie only thrived under Chuck's leadership and that after he left, "Lonnie spent the remainder of his time in ministry chasing his glory days in the Jesus Movement and never again found what nourished him in that early period." Disappointing to say the least.

  5. Hello Oengus, I am wondering about your story about St. Alison on the Oregon coast. Was that story fiction? Thank you.