Wednesday, June 01, 2022


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Never Before So Much

  1. Never before have so many unhinged people with too much to say had so much access to so much bandwidth.
  2. So much depends on the speed at which one types.
  3. So much depends on that red wagon in the front yard.
  4. So much depends on the European Central Bank.
  5. Never before was sleep texting a somnambulist malady.
  6. So much depends on Greece not defaulting on its debt.
  7. So much depends on the water heater.
  8. Never before have so many private obessions acquired such cosmic dimensions.
  9. So much depends on going to the circus.
  10. So much depends on Don Quixote reaching his sacred quest.
  11. So much depends on German taxpayers.
  12. Never before has so much bandwidth been given over to Candy Crush.
  13. So much depends on Pope Francis and David French.
  14. So much depends on the bitter clingers and the deplorables.
  15. So much depends on the wardrobe not malfunctioning.
  16. Never before has so much depended on urinal cakes.
  17. So much depends on sunshine.
  18. So much depends on Black Friday.
  19. So many things depend on the Ghostbusters stopping Gozer from destroying New York.
  20. More than anything we need dependable fog machines.
  21. Those who do not learn from history will simply rewrite it.
  22. Profound silence is sometimes the only righteous response that should be given.
  23. Never before has so much depended upon one’s platform.
  24. Where would we be without manatees?
  25. Everything depends on Starbucks.

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