CC Gazette

This is a collection of links, which I have accumulated, to various websites or web pages that relate to Calvary Chapel in some way. As I find more links, I will add them here. As much as possible, I try to keep the links up to date.

Calvary Chapel Admin Services
Running it smoothly

Calvary Chapel Association
The CCA Vatican

Calvary Chapel Bible College
We study Chuck's sermon notes

Calvary Chapel Dot Com
The CCGN official voice

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
The CCGN Vatican

Vineyard USA
Earlier Calvary Chapel Schismatics

Calvary Chapel Magazine
All the news fit to print

Calvary Chapel Church Planting
Success deserves imitation

Calvary Chapel University
Conferring PhDs on Chuck's sermon notes

Greg Laurie Harvest America
Billy Graham's true successor

Harvest Greg Laurie
Celebrity good guy, really and truly

Greg Laurie
All about Greg

Greg Laurie Blog
The Greg Laurie fan club

Charles Ward Smith (died 2013)
Papa Chuck

Laverne E. Romaine (died 2002)
Also known as Number Two at CCCM

Mike MacIntosh
Another CC heavyweight

Skip Heitzig
Yet another CC heavyweight

Lonnie Ray Frisbee
Minor historical footnote

The Chapel Store
Selling the CC books to you

The Word for Today
Selling more CC books to you

Love Song
Borrowed many ears

Maranatha! Music
Did very well indeed

Miscellaneous Information

The JPM Map
The Great Jesus People Movement Map

Ian Justin
Ian Justin's thesis on CCCM

The Calvary Chapel Timeline
What supposedly happened when
The larger picture

Larry Norman
Singing with the angels

Some Random CC Churches

CC London
Alwyn & Gloria Wall ministry

New Creation Church
Joe Sabolick ministry

Cottage Grove
Another CC in Oregon

Lighthouse Calvary
Yet Another CC in Hayden, Idaho