Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Crime So Grisly and Fey

The chickens are clucking
The turkeys are gobbling
In the sand the ostrich buried his head
The cows are a-mooing
The sheep are a-baaing
And old farmer MacDonald is dead.

The geese are a-hissing
The swans are dismissing
What all the rumors have said
Though the wife is now missing
But all are insisting
Not by their hand has he bled.

The hogs are all oinking
The dogs increased all their barking
And the cats denied doing all wrong
But who can be involved?
Can this crime be solved?
The murder on Old MacDonald's farm.

Come now all you sly sleuths
Can you discover the proof
That led to arrest on that day
For a crime so grisly and fey?
I have made it so clear
From what you read here,
I practically gave it away.