Thursday, July 05, 2007

Imported Flags

Yesterday, I went to the 4th of July parade here in Podunk City. It was a very warm and sunny day, down in the main street. The parade began at 11 o'clock and lasted for about two hours. My wife and I were there, along with several of my in-laws. It had everything that you probably would encounter in any town in Land-In-Between. There was the local National Guard, lots of veteran groups, several high school bands, plenty of cheerleaders, many horses and people riding them, entries from the local businesses, radio stations with floats blaring loud music, motorcycles, hot rods, old classic cars, charity groups, the Shriners riding funny little motorized vehicles and their famous "octocycle", the mayor and city councilmen riding in various vehicles, the local Democrat organization (dressed in blue), and the Republicans (dressed in Red down farther down in a different slot), and so forth, and so on. The Republicans had a few kids walking in the parade carrying large buckets full of little American flags, which they were passing out to all the spectators lined up on both sides of the street. I got one of those flags. In the corner was printed the words Made in China. It's a little ironic, isn't it?