Monday, December 15, 2014


This web page is ongoing preface for Lunar Skeletons.

My Blogger stats indicate that Lunar Skeletons steadily gets very few hits per day. A few people stop by, probably more by accident than intent. But however you were directed here, I want to thank everybody for visiting. Do check back once in a while. Although in a somniculous state, Lunar Skeletons is not totally defunct. Occasionally I get a strange bee in my bonnet, and I add something new to the archive. Whether it is worthwhile to read is a debatable question that civilized people might disagree about. Meanwhile, they can search through the archives for all the other profound or ridiculous things I have written. If you have any questions, please be sure to read the FAQ.

Chances Are

  • Nearly everyone whom you see in old black & white television reruns is now dead.
  • You will regret what search engines can find out about you.
  • The word Internet is just another synonym for misinformation.
  • Not everything depends on you.
  • If it was stupid back then it's still stupid now.
  • Most of what you learned from Wikipedia is wrong.
  • If men were angels, there would be no need for passwords.
  • Dystopia has already arrived.
  • The music nowadays really is as bad as you think it is.
  • Many things beyond imagination will happen at many places of the world.

Starbucks Radiates Magnificence

A Ghost Story

Here is my continuing ghost story about Caspar the amicable ghost and his side kick Lonnie the dead hippie preacher.
As more chapters are added, something new will be appended to this table of contents. Keep in mind that the contents are subject to revision. I wish to thank the blogger at Est Quod Est for favorably advertising my story.
  1. Herman the Worm
  2. Evening at the Mall
  3. Mannequin at Macy's
  4. Homeless Man
  5. Marine Layer
  6. Unemployed Gargoyle
  7. Demon Buster
  8. Angry Gnome
  9. Gnomish Comforts