Friday, May 27, 2016


This is the ongoing preface for Lunar Skeletons.

Be aware that this blog is not defunct. Occasionally I add something new to the archive, which contains many profound or ridiculous things I have written. If you have any questions, please be sure to read the FAQ.

Ghost Story

And if you are looking for my famous ghost story, it is down here. The story isn't finished yet, but I have been slowly working on it.

If You Go To Starbucks Often Enough

  • Your clothes will begin to reek of coffee.
  • You will see young men with Apple laptop computers programming smart phone apps.
  • Ladies will sell each other Mary Kay cosmetics.
  • The homeless will be there.
  • Some of the homeless will bring their own laptop computers.
  • There will be occasional prayer meetings.
  • College students will study for their tests.
  • A genuine lunatic will sit down and talk with you. You won't understand anything he says.
  • You will eventually buy a Starbucks coffee cup.
  • The decor will change at least once.
  • A young man with a book by Dale Carnegie will sit next to you, smile, and compliment your Life is Good™ bill hat.
  • People will play Scrabble.
  • You will hear one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.
  • Someone will walk in who is wearing outrageous bell-bottom pants.
  • Someone will walk in who has on a leash a Great Dane.
  • There will a fussy baby crying.
  • You might be MouseJacked and not know it.
  • You will see someone who looks just like Obi-wan Kenobi. Of course, he will be using an Apple computer.
  • Someone will come in, use the restroom, and leave without buying anything.
  • There will be someone who habitually gives advice to other customers about using their computers.

Caspar & Lonnie

I have been working on a continuing, somewhat quirky, ghost story. It's a work in progress about Caspar the amicable ghost and his side kick Lonnie the dead hippie preacher. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Here is a picture of the two ghosts.
As more chapters are added, something new will be appended to this table of contents below, which provides links to each chapter. Keep in mind that the contents are subject to revision.
  1. Herman the Worm
  2. Evening at the Mall
  3. Mannequin at Macy's
  4. Homeless Man
  5. Marine Layer
  6. Unemployed Gargoyle
  7. Demon Buster
  8. Angry Gnome
  9. Gnomish Interiors
  10. Library
  11. Orchard and Cove
  12. Rabbit Trail
  13. Moon Surfing
  14. Surfers versus Hodad
  15. Beach Ghost
  16. Conversation