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Epistles to Lonnie Frisbee

Below are links to my fantasticated letters to Lonnie Frisbee (1949-1993), in which I discuss various topics:
Letter #1
The Seraphic Mail Service and Identity Politics
Letter #2
The Big Split at Calvary Chapel
Letter #3
Greg Laurie the Southern Baptist
Letter #4
Revival and Unacceptable Surprises
Letter #5
The Five Mottoes of Peak Evangelicaldom
Letter #6
The Five Categories of Prophets
Letter #7
There's a Bathroom on The Right
For those who don't know, Lonnie was a young evangelist and revivalist who lived back in a bygone era. He was sometimes called the "hippie preacher."

Proofs of Q

Haystack and Needles
Signature in Sand

If You Go To Starbucks Often Enough…

  • Your clothes will begin to reek of coffee.
  • You will see young men with Apple laptop computers programming smart phone apps.
  • Ladies will sell each other Mary Kay cosmetics.
  • The homeless will be there.
  • Some of the homeless will bring their own laptop computers.
  • There will be occasional prayer meetings.
  • College students will study for their tests.
  • A genuine lunatic will sit down and talk with you. You won't understand anything he says.
  • You will eventually buy a Starbucks coffee cup.
  • The decor will change at least once.
  • People will play Scrabble.
  • You will hear one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.
  • Someone will walk in who is wearing outrageous bell-bottom pants.
  • Someone will walk in who has on a leash a Great Dane.
  • There will a fussy baby crying.
  • You will see someone who looks just like Obi-wan Kenobi. Of course, he will be using an Apple computer.
  • Someone will come in, use the restroom, and leave without buying anything.
  • There will be someone who habitually gives advice to other customers about using their computers.
  • A famous celebrity will walk in.
  • Two moms will come in pushing enormous baby strollers.
  • Sure enough, you will see a dude who's wearing his pants so low his underware is showing.
  • Somebody will talk so loud on his cell phone that you can hear every word he is saying
  • You will see a tanned, short, skinny man wearing a muscle shirt who has a filter cigarette tucked on his right ear.
  • A lady will be doing needlepoint.
  • You will encounter someone dressed like a 19th Century mountain man
  • A young man, dressed in a spiffy suit and tie, wearing black horned-rimmed glasses and a very serious look on his face, will be diligently and intently doing something with his Apple computer.
  • Eventually the baristas will remember your name.
  • A old guy who looks like a department store Santa Claus (but without the red costume) will be there, talking yakkity-yak non-stop to someone, who can't get a word in edgewise.
  • You will be next to a table where a young man and lady are talking. He will look exactly like the character Wesley from the movie "The Princess Bride." I mean exactly.
  • After a time, you will achieve enlightenment. And then you will understand why 95% of everything on the Internet is complete rubbish.
  • You will see Hutterite ladies who are in town to do some shopping.
  • A mother will be discreetly breast feeding her child.
  • A young man will stand by the counter waiting for his drink. He will be wearing a lanyard and a very brightly colored tie-dyed tee shirt having a spiral pattern. On his feet, he will have on a pair of slippers that are shaped like the head of a moose, with little white horns and big eyes. I kid you not.
  • People will be playing chess.
  • And people will be getting tattoos, yes, right there in Starbucks. Can you believe it?
  • A young lady will be there wearing high, bright yellow wading boots while working on her laptop.
  • A young lady, with her hair dyed magenta and an enormous, swirly tattoo on her left arm, will be giving another lady a reading using tarot cards.
  • You will sip a grande cold brew, with added coconut milk, in the penumbra of a solar eclipse.
  • You will talk with a lady in her 70s from Alaska who said she was once seriously ill in a hospital, died, had an out-of-body experience (OBE), and came back to this life.
  • You will see a lady sitting at a table and drinking her Starbuck's beverage from a large beer stein.
  • People will bring take-out pizza and eat it there in Starbucks.
  • A young lady will come in whose jeans are so fashionably "ripped, distressed, and frayed" that there's very little skin left that's not showing. But doesn't this defeat the purpose of wearing pants to begin with?
  • One of the baristas will dye her hair a color that matches her green Starbucks apron.
  • Yes, there will be someone dressed in a worn-out tee-shirt who will start aggressively scratching his armpit, right out in front of everybody.
  • On the way home, you will see a wild turkey, walking besides the street. It will cross the street to get to the other side.

Speaking of Starbucks, you will appreciate the humor in these 1st & Main cartoons.

Santa Cruz Sentinel Obituary

Lonnie Frisbee

Published 1993 March 30 in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

A memorial service is set for Friday for Lonnie Frisbee, a Pentecostal minister who lived in the Santa Cruz area in the 1970s and founded ministries here. Widely known as the "hippie preacher" for two decades, Mr. Frisbee died March 12 at his Newport Beach home of a brain tumor. He was 43. Mr. Frisbee was a leader in the Jesus movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s and gained international attention from his ministries to young people. He was a native of Santa Ana who moved to Santa Cruz in 1972 from Costa Mesa. Mr. Frisbee first gained attention at age 16 when he began preaching in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. His unorthodox ways, long hair, beard and bare feet gained him the title "the hippie preacher." In Santa Cruz, he helped establish a church, several discipleship homes, and a Christian commune on Soquel Avenue known as The Land that existed from 1975 to 1985. He preached often at the New Life Center. He moved from the area in 1977 but returned frequently, most recently in January. In the 1980s, Mr. Frisbee traveled to South Africa to aid in the founding of churches. He also started an orphanage in Brazil. Mr. Frisbee was recently was on staff of the Set Free Christian Fellowship, in Anaheim, a radical outreach ministry to the dispossessed. Mr. Frisbee is survived by his mother, Jeanette Graham of Banning; and brother Stanley Frisbee of Costa Mesa. A funeral was held March 17 in Garden Grove. The memorial service will be 7 p.m. Friday at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, 4525 Soquel Drive, Soquel.

This newspaper obituary is interesting because it brings to light a few facts that were previously unknown to me. Santa Cruz is located on the northern side of the Monterey Bay area in California. Also, it also reports that Lonnie had done some ministry work in Santa Cruz, and that he was for a time on the staff at Phil Aguilar's church in Anaheim. I am still in the process of trying to track down more details, but at this point I believe that the "New Life Center" may possibly be connected with someone named Steve Stiles.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Letter to Roger Sachs

Regarding The Third Book "Set Free"

I have sent this email to Info@LonnieRayFrisbee.com. It is addressed to the ghostwriter, Roger Sachs. I never got a response back, and so I am publishing it here for everyone to read:
Dear Roger Sachs,

Please, publish the third book of Lonnie's autobiography, "Set Free."

Pretty Please. Most respectfully.

It has been more than 25 years since Lonnie passed away. Why is it taking so long to publish his third and final book? What is causing the delay? It is getting to be very frustrating waiting, especially when there are no explanations.

You and I are not getting any younger. We may not be around on this Earth much longer.

At this rate, with all the (unexplained) delays, I will end up arriving in Glory Land before the third book is ever published. In that case, I will just have to ask Lonnie himself about what's in his third book. I am sure he would be glad to explain what happened during the years 1984 to 1993. I have many unanswered questions.

Can you at least give an "estimated time of arrival" (ETA) on when the third book will be released?

Most sincerely,
Lonnie Frisbee's autobiography has now taken more than 25 years, and it is still not finished. The third and final book, "Set Free," is still not out. This has taken long enough, and I am getting sick and tired of the endless delays. The third book is probably the most important. Sure, there is always something that can be added to make it "perfect," but there comes a point when the book simply needs to be published. If we keep waiting for complete perfection, it will never happen. A book that is not published can never be read and is therefore useless, no matter how perfect it might be. Lonnie wanted his story to be told. Get out of the way and let him finish telling it.