OD Gazette

This is my ever growing collection of links, which I have accumulated for reference, to various websites I have come across that could be classified as "online discernment" commentary. It is amazing what Google search dredges up. They are also known as "watch bloggers," "heresy hunters," "apostasy sniffers," or "discernment vigilantes." As I find more links, I will add them here, and as much as possible, I try to keep the links up to date. Their numbers are always growing, so it's hard to keep up. I have tried not to include merely opinionated denominational websites in this list. Please understand that this list does not constitute an endorsement of what's on the list. In my opinion, some of them can be pretty flaky and vituperative — you would get fairer treatment from the Spanish Inquisition. But if you want to "OD" (overdose) on "discernment," this is your one-stop shopping center.

4 Discernment
828 Ministries
Amos 3:7
Apologetic Index
Apostasy of Rick Warren
Apostasy Watch
Beginning of Sorrows
The Berean Call
Berean Research
Bethel Sozo Research
Be Watchful
Beyond Grace
Bible Believing Truth Watch
Bible Thumping Wingnut
C3 Church Watch
Christian Research Network
Christian Research Service
Christian Sentinel
Church Watch Central
Closing Stages
Deception in the Church
Defining Deception
Discerning the World
Discernment Ministries International
Do Not Be Surprised
Emergent Watch
FBC Jax Watchdogs
Heterodox Research Initiative
Hillsong Church Watch
Honor of Kings
John MacArthur's Strange Fire
Kingdom Files
Lighthouse Trail Research
The Narrowing Path
The Path of Truth
Pirate Christian
Post Modern Church Survival Tips
Pulpit and Pen
Rather Expose Them
Repent Bethel Redding
Shepherd Guardian
Spirit Of Error
Spiritual Research Network
True Discernment
Truth Keepers
Unless You Repent
Warning: Jesus Culture
The Wartburg Watch
The Watchman Wakes
Watchman Bagpipes
Watchman for Jesus
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
Zedekiah List